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... cheap thrills, bomb drills... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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... it's not me you're waiting for... ALRIGHT... stop waiting!... [Oct. 5th, 2004|05:44 pm]
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |midtown]

so today sucked. well school was alright. and i went to Sonic afterwords and got a blue coconut slush and then I met up with Lee and we went shopping. yeah that part was fun. but i was picking john up from school and this mexican guy hit the driver's side of my car, so we had to pull over on the side of the highway and he didn't speak english or have his driver's liscence, and I was panicking because my dad's out of town and I didnt know where my mom was and I was already running late to pick John up. Well then this cop comes, and asked what happened so we had to get into all that and blah de blah blah... well turns out I dont have to do anything like go to the stupid trial, but I think the guy got in a lot of trouble for driving without a liscence. My car is kinda scratched, but you can't really tell that much. i love my car! it's a freakin tank! the other guy's car was dented and stuff but was mine? NO! i love it.

well my mom freaked out when i finally got a hold of her. but she calmed down when she saw what a beast my car is! and took me out to dinner.

tonight i may go out. i dont feel like being at my house.

Stewbert you're so TFK! and also in my journal now haha *heart* goblin thumbs
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... I love you, I love you, I love you... [Oct. 3rd, 2004|10:02 pm]
[mood |i want a bath]

What a crazy weekend. I haven't had the time to post in like... awhile. But cest la vi as the good French people would say. That means "I don't give a shit" or something like that... but anyway, friday night mitch and I went to John's hockey game. We sat in the penalty box and kept stats for the scoreboard guy. John's team won like 13 to 5 or something. It was lovely.

After the game, Mitch came over and we ate ice cream and watched Ferris Bueler's Day Off and stuff. Yeah... Well it was also North Oconee's homecoming night, and from what I've heard it was a good time for the most part. Except John said there was karioke. Not good.

Then, Saturday was the Ga.-LSU game. Lee and I tailgated like all afternoon, and we went to a party at her brother's frat. There were so many drunk people; it was rather amusing. But there was this guy playing guitar on the porch, and he was purdy awesome. Travis was also there (cause his brother's in the frat too) so we hung out with him for a good while.

Then we met up with Brent and Nelson at the stadium, but it wasn't time for the game to start yet and we were thirsty so we snuck into a private tailgate and stole some coke. The game itself wasn't bad even though it was burning hot out there. We had freakin awesome seats and there was this drunk guy that sat in front of us who kept yelling at the cheerleaders to take their clothes off. His wife was getting so pissed at him, it was hilarious!

Well, other than that the game was like one big blur of yelling and screaming and red and black, except for when I choked on my cracker jacks. I was so tired by the time we got out of there. We went out to dinner at Roberto's, and that place has damn good pizza. YUM! I am so going back there.

Then today I went out to lunch at Peking. Will came with us and Robert was going to but nooooo because he always ditches us every time. Haha. Well I love that place... its so good.

Then, I went to Mitch's brother's birthday party at the pool. We just drank soda and watched the fat kid go down the slide. Hahaha! I'm sure glad he didn't get stuck... um that would have been a problem.

Then, my mom's friend was turning 40 so we took her to Loco's. Good God, I just realized how many times I've eaten out this weekend. I haven't eaten at home a single time I don't think. That's just crazy.

Well, now I'm really exhausted because I haven't slept in two days and I very badly need to take a bubble bath. yup yup. This was a long post. and i wrote it all in like five minutes. not bad for someone who has a typing disability. heh heh
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... when we was young, oh man did we have fun... always, always... [Sep. 29th, 2004|07:06 am]
[mood |not quite awake yet]
[music |the strokes]

Yesterday was so great! Well, not so much school, but the after school part was good. I went to the mall with Lee because she wanted to get some red pants for the Ga. game on Saturday. It was hilarious watching her on the escalators (she's terrified of them). I'm surprised she didn't have a nervous breakdown. Hahaha good times.

Then, I went to the 40 Watt with Mitch to see this Ramones movie called Ramones Raw, and it was basically a bunch of home movies from when they were touring and all that. It was really awesome and some parts were freakin hilarious! Yall should see it if you ever get the chance, even if you're not a Ramones fan its sooo good.

Today I have to take the damn writing test. Haha, at least I get out of first and second period. It's way too freakin early. I'm going to go find some caffine.
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...and you may ask yourself... how do i work this?... [Sep. 27th, 2004|03:50 pm]
[mood |soaked]
[music |The Talking Heads]

Hurricane Jean has landed! And I am soaking wet because my parents left the garage door closed so I had to run around to the other side of the house... not a good day to wear a see-through shirt. Hahaha it was fun though.

Yesterday I forgot to post... or maybe I didn't, I don't remember. Well my day was very basic. Went to the movies with Ashley. Then we went to Target so she could get some jewelry for homecoming and we bought a whole box of those Little Debbie Cream Pies. Hahaha yum! Then, I went to Todd's house for dinner... they made BBQ, which I don't like, and even if I did I wouldn't eat anything cooked by Josh. Haha kidding.

Today was, of course, school. Not canceled for weather unfortunately. I guess the school board learned their lesson with that last "rain day" they gave us when it was actually gorgeous weather. Nothing exciting as far as school goes. Big surprise. (not really)

Ok well my dad has a "surprise" for me so I guess I should go see what it is. Later!
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so where's the writing on the wall? [Sep. 26th, 2004|12:37 pm]
[mood |vivid]
[music |living end]

Yesterday was great! I went to a football game for a little rec league team of ten year olds. They were so cute, and they got so excited when somebody made a good play. And even though they got killed like 25-0, you should have seen them party afterwords with their juice boxes and fruit roll ups. It was adorable.

After that, Lee and I went to the Mall of Georgia and had so much fun. We found this pink fairy costume and I put it on the wings and then I completely forgot I had them on, and I was just walking around in them. Then we went to this one store, and Lee found this hot pink, puffy marshmellow coat, and I found this leopard fur hat and a huge fur coat, and of course we had to try them on. Hahaha. And then we came home and listened to music and she dressed up like a bag lady... it was rather amusing. Then we ate pancakes and watched Independence Day, which is an awesome movie! And I scared the crap out of her in the garage because I screamed COCK ROACH! and she flipped out and lept like ten feet in the air and ran inside. Hahahaha. It was hilarious.

Don't knnow what I'm doing today. I want to go kiaking but my family doesn't so looks like I may just think of somewhere else to go.
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... nothing to do, nowhere to go-oh... i wanna be sedated... [Sep. 24th, 2004|11:28 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |ramones]

Today was pretty good... didn't feel like Friday though. In second period, Hayley and I found this hilarious web site: www.virtualkiss.com. go there, it's so hilarious. We were laughing so soo hard.

The we got out early for the pep ralley. it was kinda lame, but parts of it were amusing, and some of my friends were in the relay races, so it was funny watching them try to carry eachother.

Then tonight I went to Mitch's house. We went down to the lake and shot off fire crackers and ate ice cream (the good kind from like third grade that comes in the little plastic cups) and then he had to help me doctor up my toe... bleh. I hope it heals quick because it looks so gross. But yeah we just hung out for awhile and then i came home and started to watch a movie, but I fell asleep, and now I'm so tired I can barely stay awake, so I think I'll go to bed now.

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... follow the day and reach the sun... [Sep. 23rd, 2004|06:06 pm]
[mood |ow my toe! heh heh]
[music |polyphonic spree]

Whoa... interesting day today. It started off pretty good with me finding $5 in the school parking lot. And then, at lunch the craziest thing happened...

Well, the bell rang and Mitch, Devin, and I were heading back inside from lunch. We were standing at the door waiting for someone to open it for us. Well, this poor girl I guess didn't see me or something and flung the door open hard. Well it hit my toe, and jammed my toe nail down into my toe as well as cut me in three places. It hurt a little, but it just felt like stubbing your toe really hard, so I didn't really think much of it. Well, then we're walking down the hall and it just starts gushing blood. Mitch was like "uh... lauren, you need to go to the nurse or something." and I looked down and my flipflop is completely soaked with blood. So I we went to the nurse and she kinda really freaked out when she saw it and she made me hold ice on it (brrr it was awful) and called my mom. Well, my mom just about fainted when she saw it and started acting like I had cut it off or something... mom's overreact about everything. So I had to go to the doctor and she made me put it in Iodine, so my toes are now yellow... how very attractive. Well, since my toe nail is cracked down the middle, she said she didn't have to take it off (*sigh of relief*), and she thought I was going to need stitches, but she called another doctor in there for a second opinion and he said it should be ok. Now, I just have a bandage on it, but it wont quit bleeding. It's so freakin disgusting.

And now I have to go to a stupid banquet thingy. Oh how exciting. I've taken like three Alieves! woo hoo! sitting still will be a problem...
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we've got to... got to make it up... [Sep. 22nd, 2004|06:16 pm]
[mood |wonderful!]
[music |the sun]

Wow, last night was so awesome! We went to the Von Bondies Concert at the Cotton Club in Atlanta. It was so much fun! The Von Bondies were awesome and so was The Sun. No one was really dancing or anything though, except for us and this one fat, drunk, British lady who tried desperately to start a mosh pit, but kinda really failed. Hahaha. Yeah but it was really great and on the way there, we got to eat dinner at Steak-n-Shake, which I haven't eaten at since I lived up in Indiana. And then Mitch and John locked me out of the car when I went to prove to them the existence of pineapple fanta (that's right, I swear to god there is such a thing)... yeah what a mean thing to do. Hahahaha.

But yeah the show was so amazing! And I got a t-shirt, of course. And Mitch climbed up on the stage and got one of their picks. He and John wanted one of the set lists, but some old dude who looked like the twin of Tommy Lee Jones, grabbed it before them. That asshole. Hahaha.

Today was not even worth talking about. Crap, I just remembered that on the way home from ACE I got a Coke with a winning lid and threw it away. That's like the third time I've done that this week. Grrrr. Other than that, nothing exciting.

Ima gonna go heat up some waffles now.
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my heart is bursting in your perfect eyes... [Sep. 19th, 2004|08:23 pm]
just got back from todd's. patrick made some yummy hotdogs. we got artistic with them. someone (i forget who i think it was wesley probably) put salsa on theirs. i like my hot dogs plain, but that is just me. anyways, then we had some fun with my "spider signal". it really is quite mesmorizing. cereal box toys have become advanced since my day.

earlier today i ate doughnuts. then did homework (gasp!) then went on a motorcycle ride in the country with my dad. It was beautiful out there. i loved it! we drove past this old stack-stone mill that was in ruins and covered with ivy. it was gorgeous though. one day i'm going to go back there an explore it.

i ended up not going to the movies. for some reason i didn't want to, or at least it just didn't seem that appealing at the time that carson called me.

back to school tomorrow. is it weird that i'm not dreading it? haha whoa this is an alltime first. what is wrong with me?
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did i st-st-st stutter? [Sep. 18th, 2004|08:51 pm]
[mood |delirious]
[music |wild gift - X]

awesome day. went to the OC game and hung out with Lee, Ashley H, and JMay. I think we won, but I'm not positive because I got hot and left early. Why did I wear jeans? Stupid stupid stupid...


then mitch came with us to john's hockey game in swanee. They were playing this traveling team who thought they were so badass. There was this one kid on the team who we called Blondie because he had long blonde hair. He thought he was hot stuff... until John and everyone completely schooled him. And we didn't have a goalie so we had to put one of our best forwards, Kyle, in goal but he did such an awesome job! their team had like four subs and our guys stayed in the whole game. and we still killed them. it was ridikalus. they should have checked more though. I mean, the other kids were just asking for it. they had the worst attitudes I've ever seen including their coach (who was reffing the game also and didnt call ANY penalties) and the parents.

After the game, we went to Peppino's for dinner. Damn good pizza. And pina calada gumballs.

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